Procedures for editing, deleting posts and removing account


Please don’t worry about post deletion. In changing the settings, you’ve done everything I wanted to accomplish for this forum. Thank you with all my soul for your caring.

I take back my request to delete all of my posts. Unless you would like to delete them anyhow, of course it’s up to you.

I also apologise for my writing of mushy prose. While it’s true that I was on the riverside, I gave you the false impression that I was giving up technology for which I am sorry.

My account deletion was a protest. Even one user can change the humane tech policies of an entire application, in this case this forum. We all have the power to make a difference through our actions. Let the hostilities begin! :wink:


Thank you Mr. Sunset :smile:

You have indeed quickened the forum settings adjustment towards better privacy protection. It’s a good thing!
And your point is very valid: Every single person can create the change! So towards the Cultural Awakening we go!

Really enjoyed having you around on the forum. All the best!


I’m generally ok with leaving quoted texts or screencaps of text, by default. Just as it should take admin intervention to save a post from someone disappearing, it should take admin intervention to delete a quoted text – it should be specifically identifying or distressing to the author outweighing its use to the commenter.