Pollster quits FB after 6 months, because FB "is bad for society"

Revealed: Facebook hired a pollster to monitor public perception of Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg - but he quit after six months after believing the social media giant is bad for society

‘It was my job to do surveys and focus groups globally to understand why people like Mark Zuckerberg, whether they think they can trust him, and whether they’ve even heard of him…’

After McGinn left Facebook, he founded a company called HonestData. In January, he posted the results of a poll asking 2,000 Americans what they thought of Fcebook.

Among tech companies, 32 percent of Americans said Facebook is harmful. A separate survey, which placed Facebook among other large brands including Walmart, McDonald’s, and Marlboro, found that 27 percent said it is harmful.


In 2005 Mark Zuckerberg made the statement to the users that “We give you control of your information” we know that was a big lie and the rest is history. Fb is so creepy and their record speaks for itself, they cannot be trusted with regards to our data. Former FB employee or Insider tell us that Fb don’t care much with what happen to our data being used or misused except if the bottomline is at stake. To Fb the paramount goal is profit more profit or “growth at all cost”. That is why regulation of tech is widely talk today.