Facebook not fixable?


Is it true, that Mark Zuckerberg will not be able to fix Facebook?
Because if he repairs it, his revenue will drop a lot (If you honest, it’s hard for you to earn a lot of $) and the Wall Street guys will not like it and will do everything to remove him from company. Even if he sincerely? wants to fix it, the sharks of capital just won’t let him do it.

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@geo, I am not sure if you have an account. If you do, you can install “FaceSlim” app from f-droid.org store as that will let you use the FB mobile site in isolated context and not in your main browser(s). I have that app as I, unfortunately, still have facebook so I can occasionally open it and see my old contacts’, relatives’ pictures :smiley: and follow some Science related pages there. I have tried to convince my closest friends circles to use something else - tried…

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You could also use the special Firefox FB container, or regular container isolation features. Check our Awesome Humane Tech for more options.



privacy is only small part of the problem, your programs are useless to fight manipulation



Facebook business model and success has causing harms to its users worlwide. 1.It becomes a threat to democracy (cambriged analytica scandal, brexit) 2. privacy the data accumulated would make any intelligience agency smiling. The predictive power of this data is amazing has surely some consequences that we don’t know yet. I think its better for us users if we have control of our data worldwide considering the data scandal and breach. 3. Addiction this come basically to increase users’ time in the platform to keep the profit rolling. This lowers quality of life of users. 4. Monopoly this stiffle competition which in the end benefits the users if there is healthy competition.



I have to make clarification. Fb causes some harms to people all over the world not only the users.

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Yes! Thanks for posting! Welcome! The ad based business model and “attention economy” are some of the greatest harms social media platforms pose.

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I think users should “own” their data—but “control it???—and they should be able to monetize it like any other asset. Two challenges: 1) security—unless users keep it in a charm on a string that hangs from their neck, they will not be able to adequately safeguard it; thus, control is an illusion; 2) monetization—-if one owns one’s data one should be able to profit from it, but who among us has the time and expertise to do that? Certainly, not me. I think a fiduciary with a financial incentive to do both (protect and invest data as an asset) is fundamental to any solution. Furthermore, I think the best product/institution for this role is the 401-k. 401k providers, like Fidelity Investments, etc. have the technical capability, investment experience, and fund managent infrastructure to be a suitable fiduciary for the masses. Plus, because 401ks are pensions, they fall under government regulation, which would be significant in monitoring compliance.



The truth is he can fix it because he has majority control over decisions (like a dictator) even though he owns less than half of the company.

The issue is that Facebook is designed at its core by Mark to manipulate and abuse people. That is Mark’s intentional design, and he has hidden it very well and even pretends to care for users. So since he did all these bad things to harm humanity intentionally, there’s not much hope for him. In fact Mark’s an enemy of humanity. We are fighting on the side of humanity against him.



Yes we are aware :slight_smile:
We suggested these tools if one MUST (reasons applicable to and defined by each person) absolutely need to use it.

How to solve the problems within Facebook is up to its owners who need to do it of their own volition, and sadly I don’t think any number of news paper articles for eg is going to change it as they seem to make apology posts now and then… but I don’t see actual changes (maybe I am not following up closely)

This week they had a security issue where they had millions of passwords in plain text…



GDRP(General Data Regulation and Protection) in Europe gave europeans wherever they are control of their data.(opt in or opt out). Under the law they can also request tech companies to erase all their data with some exception.(the right to be forgotten)



He recently blogged about some good sounding ideas. Ephemeral messaging and end-to-end encryption of some types of messages. But that doesn’t change too much. Facebook may give up some data, but in return they are integrated the Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram platforms. Also, people have suggested that Facebook wants to run it’s own currency and become more like WeChat. They give up some data for PR reasons, but then move to control money transfer and purchases giving them access to far more useful data about your real life, not just your online life.

So it may make great money to pivot away from some of Facebook’s current problems, but it moves them in to even more!

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