Poll: Which Humane Tech topics would you like to spend your time on?

Great! What would that involve?

The first step would probably be making a list of topics to be covered. Many of these would already be on the forum. We could make a list of ones we like, then choose the best comments or posts on them.

I’ve gone ahead (yes, sorry to do this without permission, admins) a wordpress blog. We can experiment with that to see what a newsletter or magazine might look like.

Sorry, you were probably asking what getting the go-ahead would involve. That would involve notifying the admins of plans and getting their permission to proceed.

I’ve gone ahead and set up a Wordpress blog as a kind of lab where we can experiment with text, layout, images, links, and so forth. I hope the admins don’t mind my setting this up, but of course I’m happy to take it down if it causes problems of any kind.

Hi Arnold

Reading again this post encourages me as you’ve said to “create pathways together”.
But in the other hand I stopped with this contribution , waiting for CHT announces. I also posted in Which Humane Tech topics would you like to spend your time on.
And I was in a confort zone for several days, just only waiting

And its seem clear that communication issues are going to be first Im really stop producing in that spirit ,trying to wait for CHT priorities but you said “create pathways together”. And I am very active , and not feeling good having stopped production.

What do you suggest about it ?

While we are still preparing ways to follow up on forum discussion and ideas - and that will still take some time - there is of course the forum, where you can create relevant topics and posts you want to bring up. As I’ve stated before the forum should be considered as a first-stage body of raw information that shows the common interests of the community and will drive/steer the direction of any other work.

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I’m actively developing both the ethical framework and plans for software services around what I call Dreams Oriented Computing, “Dreams” as life-goals and other important goals. I’m honestly interested in all kinds of ethical questions, but especially on thinking processes - what kind of features lead to what kind of behaviour. Often even little user interface changes lead to significant change in median behaviour over time.

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I was, that sounds fantastic. What is the URL? I am in the middle of university assessments, but will be able to take a look next week.

I wrote to @mamie and @aschrijver about the Wordpress blog. There are plans to rehaul the forum to make it more attractive and user friendly, so I am going to hold off on the blog for now. Sorry; I hope you’re not disappointed.

If you are interested in writing for a blog, you might consider @PatMc’s The Low Tech Trek. I and @micheleminno have written for it.


I’m mainly interested in removing social media addiction from the world I’m in. It doesn’t just effect me if I end up seeing something on Facebook, or Twitter, but it seems to effect everyone around me. It’s about removing my communitiy’s mob mentality, and teaching the people who think “If you’re not with me you’re against me” about the logical fallacies in their arguments.

--------------------Side info--------------------
I’m also interested in the health of the gaming industry. Things like Loot Boxes, and the fallacy that games need to be big open world recreations of reality to be enjoyable aren’t just messing up my enjoyment of the medium, but AAA developers profits too. So much money gets sank into games like Final Fantasy 15, and No Man’s Sky for nothing more then a misguided scope that the niche market suffers because games need to be all inclusive to break 1 million, and even hope to recoup the costs of development.

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In many ways, in diferent areas, with similar interests we are “cooking changes”.Meanwhile people now changing their minds. There is a meeting point. I think we are walking in that direction …just to flow with the change. .

Hi Michele,

Just joined this forum as I am willing to contribute towards cutting addictions to smartphones and social media. Saw your interests and would like to start a discussion with you and any other members (still too few on this forum!) on how to campaign. I like the idea of producing a dramatic video showing that we are becoming slaves to big tech firms harvesting our personal details for profits. It bothers me a lot to see most people walking on the street with their face stuck to smartphones screens. Who would have imagined mankind would turn into this?

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Hi @anon51879794,

welcome on this forum. If you have not done yet, I recommend you to read these topics:

If you want, you can start a brand new topic describing more in detail your idea of the video you want to produce and asking for collaborations. I did a sketch for a T-shirt about the same issue of people walking on the streets absorbed by their smartphones.


Hi @micheleminno

Just started a new thread about the videos. Producing short dramatic videos to raise awareness

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Payment confirm creat Support

Hi all,
I may be a little late to this post, I just discovered & joined the forum, thought I’d introduce myself.

I’m a social/behavioral scientist working in public health. I study how digital devices and software can be used in health promotion/health behavior change counselling. I’m interested in ethics (are tools like persuasive tech coercive, and is it acceptable to use them for health promotion purposes, how disruptive is the use of digital tech to (self) monitor in the life & privacy of people participating in health behavior change interventions, which aspects of digital tech add and which subtract burden in the lives of people with chronic illness, how digital surveillance interacts with healthism, etc).

I’ve no background in data science/web development and there is a lot i do not know about privacy protection, so browsing the forum helps me gain perspective. I’d be interested in participating more, this is an interesting (albeit at times disturbing and scary) subject for us working in health care, but I’m not sure where to start and I’ve limited time.


Thank you, @Kap and welcome to the community. We are working on reorganising the forum around a new mission + vision in a way that makes it easier to particpate and get an overview. But in the mean time we invite you to join the dicussion wherever your interests take you.

Brains Networked Society diagnostic
Diagnose and apply therapy. This is the question.

Today, Big Tech (Google, Facebook Amazon, Apple and Windows), are leading the period of greatest disruption in the history of mankind. We know the current and upcoming technologies to come.
But we do not know the social and economic impact that on a global scale. We have a near future, full of global uncertainties. And before them, we all have the enormous responsibility of planning not only our near future but also that of the next generations on a global scale.
When we start personal conversations or through this space, we reach conclusions that this situation cannot continue like this. But who changes it? How and when? It will be the next technologies yet to be invented and the companies that implement them who carry them out.
But we also know that the future throughout history was always achieved in a present of that future.
Therefore, we are creating the future today. And I say this in a center for the reflection of knowledge, of technology and its future implications in the future.
Here, we disagree, discuss and reason to reach agreements that make us glimpse the future and be able to act before the dramatic future that awaits us.
That is why, I feel immensely happy to share with you all approaches that improve our future like that of the next generations.
Therefore, my passion for the study and research “Social and economic impact of information technologies.”


Hi everyone, brain scientist turned marketer/copywriter here. I would like to work on the impact of technologies on our brains & culture and how we can shift from cultures of distraction to communities of connection and empathy.

I’m a marketer too, so I am fascinated by the impact of digital marketing & interruption tactics on our lives & society (esp from a sustainability angle) too. I barely subscribe to anything and still got SO many black friday emails from brands I barely remember giving my contact info too. It’s baffling.

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I am working on an algorithm for a new social learning network based on HOW the human brain ACTUALLY works… Still working on an intro web-page so stay tuned! :slight_smile: