People Directory on the Community Hub where members can introduce themselves

In addition to a possible Our Stories section I think it would be a great idea to have a People Directory where members can introduce themselves and their interest in Humane Technology

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Where’s some info about the People Directory proposal? What would it be exactly?

We discussed it briefly in Moderator category.

The idea is that any member that wants that can be added to the Directory. The directory would be very similar to Mozilla Pulse. On the entry level you see a grid of Avatars with name, profession, bio and some links to their own website, linkedin, etc. Then it would also have a ‘Read more’ button that leads to a summary page where they can further introduce themselves and state their interests with regards to Humane Technology and the community.

I often get questions, such as “Could you point me to some researchers that work on [XYZ]?” or similar, but that is hard to answer. Requires searching through Introduce Yourself thread and the forum at large, and many members don’t mention their profession + interest, or are entirely anonymous.

‘People directory’ is more professional, ‘Our stories’ is more to create empathy with members, also normal people, students, parents, etc. I think the two ideas can coexist in two different places and for different purposes.

@micheleminno, I fiddled a bit with the code and created a People Directory that looks like this. Clicking on someones name brings you to a custom page where the person can edit to their heart’s content. This pages has the details of the Authors.yml file in the sidebar.

We can extend this page to have a sidebar that filters this list on certain profession categories i.e. ‘Researcher’. And the sidebar can also have a Our Stories entry.

I checked in the code, but did not yet add it to the main menu. Here you can preview:

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This is follow-up to

@patm asked me about a better way to know the people in our community, and what their occupation / interest is. Currently this info is spread throughout the forum (though most of that resides in the Introductions thread).

Now this is not a full solution to index everyone, but for the community website a People directory is planned. When I have the time to address it, I will first post on it in Campaigners group.

But the idea is that members who want that can get listed publicly on the website with their full name and one or more contact details (e.g. email, twitter, personal website), and maybe a short bio.


Oh, forgot to mention that also Profession and/or area of expertise should be mentioned as a categorization on which can be filtered (I think the Jekyll site software has that as a standard ability)


Thank you, @aschrijver. I still believe this is a great idea with a lot of potential.

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