Old list of humanetech.com design guidelines checklist


There used to be a list of 1 to 8 design guidelines checklist formerly found at http://humanetech.com/24-backup-design-checklist. Below is the list, but the original webpage expanded upon each of these points:

  1. Does your product honour both on and off-screen possibilities?
  2. Does your product make it easy to disconnect?
  3. Does your product enhance relationships, or keep people isolated?
  4. Does your product respect people’s schedules and boundaries?
  5. Does your product help people “get life well lived” (GLL)?
  6. Does your product land specific, “net positive” benefits in people’s lives?
  7. Does your product minimise misinterpretations and empower truth-seeking?
  8. Does your product eliminate detours and distractions?

Can anyone shed some light on where this list has gone, or whether an archived version could be put back up again?


Welcome to the community, @sjdalf

You can always check the Web Archive for any old stuff e.g. here: http://web.archive.org/web/20190116143119/http://humanetech.com/designers/

Thank @aschrijver, that is very helpful!