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Yes, I know him and will try to come out another time! But I have another event scheduled then in March.

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Thanks for forming this group! Excited to meet up with you all and discuss ideas surrounding this topic!

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Hi all,

I just joined but would be interested in future meet-ups!

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Awesome! Totally sign up for the one later this month.


My name is Liana Pavane and I grew up in NYC. I have just started a company called TTYL (Talk to You Later), which is going to be a pop-up in September this year in a TBD location. You can’t use your phone and you enter a space filled with board games, coloring books, comic books, etc. It’s a fun space dedicated to human connection.

Check out our website:

I’m always looking for more ideas and I would love to meet up with anyone who is interested in helping out. Is there going to be an April meet up? I wasn’t able to attend last month.

Let me know if you’re interested!



Hey! TTYL sounds super interesting… I can’t wait to hear more.

I just posted the second NYC Meetup (it’s going to be in May.) Hope you can make it!


Meetup in NYC, May 16th! Come one, come all. (PS: location TBD.)

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Meetup tonight in downtown brooklyn!

Hey all- I made this slack chat for the Humane Tech NYC crew (but open to everyone, of course!) For sharing reading recommendations, events, share projects, vote on meetup activities etc. Sign up!

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Hey all — going forward, I’m happy to host meetups here at betaworks studios in meatpacking district. We’ve got a ton of space and are super excited about the development of humane tech specifically in NYC. If I can be useful, reach out to me at


Just a quick reminder that the HumaneTech NYC meetup is tonight! Looking forward to seeing you all at 7PM / betaworks studio (29 Little W 12th St).


Stay on top of NYC’s humane tech community / events / news / costume parties / white tie dinners, etc…

Via the new monthly newsletter! Sign up at the link below (first newsletter coming out in next couple of weeks), and please let me know if you’re interested in contributing

Next NYC meetup August 2nd at betaworks.

Excellent workshop, hosted by Giancarlo Pitocco, about how to cultivate a healthier, more balanced relationship with your personal technology. Not to be missed.

Hey all! Really exciting meetup this Thursday in NYC. Solon Barocas (from Cornell Tech) talking about how discrimination is designed into tech and what we can do about it!

Come one, come all (details on meetup website. Hosted at Betaworks in meatpacking district!)

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Meetups are best when there is action. Generally it’s not a good idea to arrange a meetup where there is talking and listening around a single subject. Doing that formulates learning as passive process. You already have the context for your meetup which is really simple: To actually meet up. Some of you will be thinkers, others writers, perhaps a few photographers and videographers and maybe a few tech nerds. Come up with a vision, a mental image that energizes all of you, a campaign, a theme, movement, call it whatever you want. Set your mind to locating and identifying the people with the appropriate skills that will move your closer to materializing that vision. Basically, get to work and never forget to play. Any more detail than this, I’d be telling you what to do and I am not in position to do that. Cheers.

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Yes, very well said. This is also how we are thinking of re-energizing our meetup acitivities. Have a talk, sure, but also have interactivity, conversation, getting to know each other.

Meetups as places of action, for an active community that generates awareness and solutions. E.g. via hackathons and Idea: Global Awareness Hackathon to boost Awareness Campaigns project, jumpstart crowdsourcing

See also: Plans for organizing Meetups and creating local chapters and this comment.

Hello NYC peeps! I wanted to invite you all to my first (and second) pop-up events with my business TTYL. As a fully realized idea, it’s a social club in NYC where no phones are allowed and it’s full of board games, coloring, beer/wine, music and live entertainment. Right now, I have joined forces with The Phluid Project, a clothing store in Soho and a bar in Brooklyn. The first event is on January 18th at The Phluid Project and the 2nd is on February 14th at DSK bar in Brooklyn. I would love to see you all at one or both! RSVP here:

Hey all!

HumaneTech NYC is hosting a hands-on workshop on May 28th. Come one come all (and sign up below!)

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Hi all- NYC meetup this coming Tuesday! A film screening (and discussion) of “The Great Hack”-- hosted by Warby Parker.

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Thank you @margothanley and Max for hosting such a great evening! Delicious empanadas, a great doc, friendly people, tasty bevs and a fun discussion.

Excited to attend more events in the future. Please let me know if I can be of help. Would love to organize a comedy night for the community!