Nevalabs - Rebuilding news from the ground up?

I came upon Nevalabs recently and seemed interesting to follow (I am not affiliated):

NevaLabs is a team of journalists, researchers and developers working together to empower individuals who want to take personal control of their news experience.

Features taken from their website:

We will enable individuals to take control of their personal behaviour, digital environment, and the filters that shape the news and information they experience.

We will make the relevance, veracity and value of the news and information evident to each individual user. We will make visible the invisible influences that shape the news and information.

Our tools will actively assist our users by anticipating, responding, understanding and supporting individual goals. We will also encourage and support better behaviours and conscious engagement with news and information.

They aim to bring back transparency and trust to news sources, in the fight against fake news and post-truth disinformation.