National Day of Unplugging March 1 - from Reboot

This is the 10th annual national day of unplugging organized by Reboot, a progressive organization in the Jewish community that seeks to make rituals and traditions meaningful to today’s world. As I understand it this started around the idea of taking an ‘internet sabbath’ - shabbat without screens. I think it’s an excellent effort, and thought others might want to know about it.

Here’s a link to their announcement with details on how to host events and get involved.

National Day of Unplugging: Reboot Resources


Thanks for posting, Karen. I put this on Twitter here (pls, boost for visibility).

Douglas Rushkoff’s latest Team Human podcast had an interesting bit where he compared Judaism as a construct of dealing with the onslaught of the written word on society with what we are experiencing now in the digital era. ( - Ep. 116 with Mark Pesce, starting at 13’50") As part of that, the sabbath was the enforced pause – recognizing the value of space that’s about being rather than doing.


I have just seen this now and I Absolutely Love It! Well Done Everyone! Are there plans for 2020?