Mozilla Open Leaders 7 - Like-minded candidates, potential partners

As you may know our Community Team is participating in the Mozilla Open Leaders program, together with many other people and teams working to improve Internet Health.

This is the list of Mozilla candidates that are on similar paths to us, and are likely partners to cooperate with our community in the near future. This is a Wiki Post, maintained by the community team as we go along the program.

(Note: Many projects are not yet clearly described. We’ll maintain the list when more info becomes known)

Cohort A

  • The Impartial Machines project - Abhay Joshi (Hyderabad, India): We are working with the community to help deliver a Dual AI Engine which tries to eliminate the potential influences/bias in the news by the means of similarity indexing and version control and helps connect the dots in facilitating the dissemination of impartial news conforming to the highest code of ethics possible.

Cohort B

  • NoFakeNews: Working on the internet to make it free of misinformation and fake news.

  • Sokafrika: I’m working with anyone from the African social entrepreneurship scene to map the social entrepreneurship sector in the continent for enhanced visibility and fostering of crosscountry collaboration and exchange of know-how.

  • Digital Citizenship & Leadership Cherubim Mawuli Amenyedor (Ghana): Building the most relevant, progressive and collaborative resource for digital citizenship and leadership that will create creative, ethical and innovative leaders in the digital age.

  • Health Innovation Scanner - Kostas Stathoulopoulos (London, UK): We are working with members of the health community globally to develop an open, online platform that can be used to analyse innovations in health research, as well as activity in startups, apps and social ventures across the world.

  • Dhwani - Mohit Bansal: Working with any Tech enthusiast, digital privacy and open Internet advocate, and fellow open leaders, to make a data concerned Personal Assistant like Jarvis so that people can make use of their capabilities, without worrying about losing their privacy and Train them themselves, at their home.

  • Kaleidoscope - Lamia Ben Hiba (Morocco): I’m working with my students to build a platform that would help expose users to ideologically discordant, cross-cutting online content so that Internet users can become more aware of their blind spots and overcome potential selective exposure, filter bubbles and echo chambers.

  • Tour Delirio - Juliana (Cali, Colombia) : I’m working with creative contributors to improve Tour Delirio´s impact so the audience can make awareness about the surveillance that is present in our daily lives through governments, corporations, and social relationships.

  • DigiLearn - Ikiba Joel (Yenagoa, Nigeria): Open project to help teachers acquire digital literacy skills that will enable them create more engaging classroom interaction for students. I’m working with creatives and tech enthusiasts to make teachers in Nigeria digitally-literate so that they can transform learning outcomes in classrooms.

  • Global Repository of Internet Studies - Samuel Osei Mensah (Accra, Ghana): GRIS is a collaborative space that aims to foster studies on internet issues especially internet policies through an all inclusive approach providing resources in forms that is understood by everyone. We are working open to provide a unique way of giving users the space to contribute to making the Internet a better tool for raising attention and fostering discussion across many areas on Internet issues while involving Everyone.

Cohort C

  • OctoLab / We are working on building a -online and locally- decentralised community that builds a synergy between volunteer citizens and kids through science and creative workshops - in a socially inclusive way- so that they can shape curiosity engaged tomorrows

  • At YoDa, we believe that you own any information that you create. Personal data isn’t oil or currency, it’s a newspaper we publish about ourselves for AIs. Our goal is to give people copyright-style ownership and control over all their personal data, fully decentralizing and democratizing access to this valuable resource for the 21st century economy.

  • Soupy Security - Selina Mosuta (Washington DC, USA): Soupy is a multi-media project that explores how security providers can work with under resourced organizations that are part of disenfranchised and marginalized communities including how to center existing organizational values when offering services.

Cohort D

  • Project Anchor - James M. Taylor (Washington D.C., USA): working with mental health advocates and organizations to develop a database where individuals can share information about mental health initiatives so they can be adapted and expanded to other communities.
  • Data Protection Frameworks in Latin America - Juliana Novaes (Sao Paulo, Brazil): I’m working to map data protection legal frameworks in Latin America so that researchers, data protection activists and citizens can have a general view of the current privacy scenario in the region.
  • Sepia Project - Ximena Arrieta (Mexico), at Wingu: develop an integral digital security program for human rights defenders from mexico and central america.
  • Seguridad Digital - Phi Requiem (Mexico):