Mindfulness practice and technology use



I’m curious about how many people have a mindfulness or meditation practice, and if so, how their personal mindfulness practice helps them have a more functional/self-regulated/humane and less addictive/compulsive/reactive relationship with their gadgets.


My mindfulness practice is very informal. It enables me to live without a smartphone and to limit my presence on social media to less than an hour a day.


Hi Dan - the two go hand-in-hand for me. I’ve been exploring this intersection quite actively. I have a deep mindfulness practice and I also work in UX / human-centered design, and the two definitely inform each other.



@jayvidyarthi it would be great if you could elaborate a bit more on how you apply mindfulness practice to UX design. These kinds of knowledge, techniques and patterns is something HTC and CHT are particularly interested in (part of the 4th strategic pillar Humane Design).

I also created a topic for listing resources on human-centered design: List of Human-centered Design resources


Hi @aschrijver - here are some resources to give you an idea:

An article I wrote about mindfulness’ relevance in our attention economy:

A talk I gave at UofToronto and Harvard on this intersection between tech/design/mindfulness:

You can also check my website for more: www.jayvidyarthi.com

Hope that’s helpful :slight_smile:



I’ve been meditating for about three years, being able to take a step back and observe your mind with all its chatter is something I’ve found really helpful.

In reply to your question, I think it must have helped with regulating my relationship to tech, but it wasn’t something I was monitoring when I started. One of Meditation’s main elements is withdrawing from stimulation and just being content with the moment, so you can see how well suited to this problem it is.