Melanie Rieback: Post-Growth Enterpreneurship & Non-Profit Ventures

When we want to bring improvements to our tech landscape, one of the first things to look at is the ways in which we conduct business. Nowadays tech innovation comes with the chant to found your own Startup business, and join an accelerator program. Most of these programs nowadays have deep flaws, and most likely - following along with the culture - your startup will be deeply flawed from the start as well.

In this category of #society:sustainable-business we address different ways of doing things, and one of them is proposed by Melanie Rieback of Radically Open Security:

How Post-Growth Enterpreneurship differs from the Silicon Value model

Non-profit Ventures

The followng article explains what Post-Growth Enterpreneurship is and which benefits it brings. It is highly recommended to watch the video’s that are contained in the article!

If you want to learn more about Non-Profit Ventures, then this is the place to visit:

Non-Profit Ventures

“Business is one of the most effective forms of activism. Business is one of the most expressive forms of art.”


A tangental article on this topic: 11 Practical Steps Towards Healthy Power Dynamics at Work | by Richard D. Bartlett | The Tuning Fork | Medium

I’d like to highlight step 11: Share the Ownership!

The co-operative model, in my opinion, contains much of the intentions of “Post Growth” in its very nature: co-operatives grow, but they grow in a federated manner - the activity spreads, but the ownership remains always local and the governance in an effective co-operative remains communal

Where the co-op model gets really strong is in the practice of co-operation amongst co-operatives, where we can reject the market and benefit instead from practices of mutual aid. This doesn’t happen everywhere, and is possibly more of a question of philosophy/ecology than of structure, but the philosophy of mutual aid is embedded in the original co-operative principles

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