Bliss-friendly Co. Startup Partner/Contribution

Hello Humane Tech community! I’m here today cause I have a unique idea I want to share with you all and I thought, what a better community of conscious, passionate, like-minded people that might be interested in joining or supporting such a thing as this, so here it is…

I’m launching a startup later this summer and am looking for some core team partners willing to invest their time and energy to make something great. It’s called Bliss-friendly, and it’s an e-commerce company that at it’s foundation lists and sells products (sort of like and services that are bliss-friendly. Bliss means “complete happiness”, and to me that means our products and services would not just be satisfying in one area of life, but in all areas. For example, not just prioritizing environmentally-friendly, but human-friendly (such as in health and wellbeing) as well as those that support sustainability and a circular economy. One way I love to think about the company in how it separates us from the rest is our approach to how we help bridge the gap between climate and change.
Our MTP (Massive Transformational Purpose) is “To create a sustainable, holistically human-friendly market and world.” While one of the biggest means we aim to achieve from the pursuit of that purpose is our BHAG (Big hairy audacious goal) which is: “Reverse the damaging of climate change.”
Key themes: Health, mental wellness, exponential technologies, environment, business, holistic, e-commerce, consumer products, retail, and more.

Of course, a part of being holistic, is one of the biggest challenges inherent in being a technological based platform. I really hope to integrate conscious, intentional humane tech philosophies into this business, it’s marketing, interface, philosophy, and everything. And show that business can be profitable and succesful, while being humane in ALL areas. Because I know personally I’ve struggled so much with tech, I won’t create the opportunity of that for others in my endeavors. I’m looking for some experts in business, technology, and/or the environment, but I’d love to hear from anyone! If this calls to you, please just DM me. Or if you know anyone who you think may be interested, a share is also greatly appreciated. I can’t wait to talk with you all soon :blush:. Thanks!