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@aschrijver: Interested in all aspects of technology, but primary interest is how to make software more humane, better aligned to humans.

@Free: an entrepreneur and activist who wants to facilitate rebuilding core components of the tech ecosystem to work for the people.

@Siddhi: A student, dancer, and robotics enthusiast who wants the goal of technology to be promoting human flourishing and well being, not distracting attention.

@micheleminno: a software engineer, guitarist, digital citizenship teacher who leverages creativity to spread the message.

@patm: writer-editor-poet concerned about technology from the POV of the humanities.

@Bozon: engineer, manager, dreamer and drummer who prefers real and difficult life instead of virtual and fake one.

@gkrishnaks: Lifelong learner. Interested in interdisciplinary engineering. Humanist. Futuristic thinker. Bibliophile.

@NSaikiwiki: startup founder and developer, focusing on issues related to digital adtech and online consensus building.

@healthyswimmer Parent and healthcare provider in USA- focus on wellbeing and developmental concerns across lifespan including childhood/teens & sensitive populations.

@khkey An expert in public policy and practices for increasing the health and well-being of people and communities. Extensive background in the application of neuroscience to understanding how human beings, groups and systems process communications, make meaning, learn and change. Deep interest in issues of economic and social inequality.



oh, I want in.
@chris_davies_sanjose - long time community organizer related to kids and screens. Local and national level involvement.


The community team is the people that manage the forum! We appreciate your enthusiasm, and encourage you to start awareness projects within the forum! Cheers!

I think this thread can be used by everyone to post about oneself in…1 line.
(Introduction thread for lengthy posts!)

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I am just wondering so far as what I observed there are no african-americans or africans in the community who are regularly posting. It is good to have diversity in opinion from diverse group as much as possible. If there are a lot them participating one of them might be one of the team. Diversity is good to the organization. As much as possible different groups are represented by one or more of them. Just like the saying ‘no one is left behind’. Just my thoughts.


Exactly! I miss it too, I miss the voice of African people here. We can only hope more people will step up, and get involved including in the Community Team. By the way we don’t count, but we at have people from different countries, different primary languages, different genders, Asians and more (we try to look beyond those things) here on the Community Team. Anyone is welcome if they’re qualified and motivated.

I’ve been outspoken on getting more people from different views and backgrounds running the Community, but you know it’s been hard for the Community to find people to volunteer and there’s so much work. I haven’t been doing all the hard work, in fact it’s mostly been @aschrijver who has been amazing. We thank him for all this.

The Community is really supposed to be bottom-up. Nobodies like me are supposed to come together here and change the world.

It’s up to members how they wish to identify themselves here, but also for us to first and foremost ourselves truly understand that all people are equally capable of good and bad, and also that all people would be equally capable if given the same priveledge.

The Center for Humane technology itself is of people of priveledge, and works mainly with people of priveledge. They are millionaires trying to convince other millionaires to be more humane. That is very good, but also it is weird stuff. That’s not me and not this Community, we are the people.

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@richard1, thank you very much for your post and inspirational thoughts.
I do not know race, gender, age, sexual orientation and other group identification of other community team members and I don’t need to. I am concentrate on their work and thoughts regardless of who they are and how they look. We do not require race, gender, age etc. identification for any forum member (they can be anonymous if they want, exactly as you are when I look on your profile.) We are all volunteers and there is no restriction in term of posting (who and how often). Everybody can post as much as she or he wants if follows our Code of Conduct and other forum principles. All ideas and help are welcome. And as many of us are working and have to follow other duties it is very hard for us to add race, gender, age etc. to our rules. It could be just too complex define appropriate number of group identifications, define a rules and follow its observation.
No doubt that diversity is good for organization and for society as well. So I would encourage any african-americans, africans, asian, young, old, gay etc. members if they feel that their voice is not heard, please speak up! Let us know your opinion and help us build this community and improve our society! This community is leaderless and help is wanted and appreciated.
Thanks again for your valuable opinion in this and other threads. I really appreciate it!


I see diversity here


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What, different races have their own interests in this matter, it is interesting. And what races diverge in this matter?

What I’m trying to say that since this is a global issue(global interest is at stake here) that affects people all over the world and society ideally and if possible we need people from different parts of the world representing their continents, region, country, etc. and also as you said the LBGTQ community, marginalized section of the society etc. to join or contribute or if qualified part of the team and sharing their voices, express their concern, share their worldviews, thoughts and valuable solutions in the forum. The issues and challenges confronting us are complex and need diverse and adaptable range of solutions. People of diverse cultural, gender etc. backgrounds have unique experiences and perceptions, unique local insights that strengthen and enriching the organization mission and vision, views and solutions in a holistic way toward a common goal. It is like a jigsaw puzzle you cannot complete the whole without the various parts. Think of humanity as whole. Diversity and inclusion ensure everyone feels validated regardless of differences. Diversity and inclusion also means building bridges not wall. And also think the positive reputation the organization receive.

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts, @richard1. We appreciate them.

I myself prefer to let diversity happen in an organic way, i.e., to let people find their way here–as I and many others did–rather than try to recruit individuals to create the right snapshot.

On this page is an image I posted yesterday:


To the casual viewer, it may not appear to be an image of diversity, but I can assure you that it is as good as any. In this picture are representatives of minority groups in China and Taiwan–linguistic, cultural, and geographic. In fact, I daresay the picture that Chris shared above represents greater homogeneity in terms of socio-economic class and education.

Diversity is like beauty: because it exists in the eye of the beholder, it is subjective and liable to be present where others do not see it. I would say we should be happy with the diverse group we have while continuing to extend ourselves so that our message of inclusiveness and technological well-being finds new listeners everywhere.


I agree here we could find ourselves making one group more important than another by singling any one out even in a positive way.

All are welcome with the same conditions and COC- that’s it.