Looking for Project Manager

I’m building an adbusting brand - theychangedus - and need a Project Manager to help with the business side of things as it expands. The brand’s mission is to cultivate civic resilience to contemporary psyops via PSA campaigns. On the horizon is setting up an online shop, offering merchandise, and finding publicity opportunities.

I’m based in California and am looking for same. Please PM if you’re interested, or post here if you have recommendations.


Can you please say a bit more about this? Thank you.

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I design awareness campaigns for topics like trolling tactics, social media surveillance, rampant digital propaganda, and psychological profiling. Exposing these practices gives the public tools to approach social media defensively.

That may sound similar to CHT’s manifesto, but my messaging style is comparatively implicit and iconographic - the aim being to make the discussion on tech dystopia as culturally relevant as possible.


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