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My name is Madhwa Galgali. I am a Psychology student at Cleveland State University. I study topics related to religion and politics from an “experimental existential psychology” (EEP) perspective. However, I have a growing interest in studying the effects of social media use, from an EEP. There are many theoretical frameworks within the EEP perspective, that we can use to understand the various effects of social media on questions related to personal and group identity, how social media creates a sense of “shared reality” which might or might not translate into the real world etc. I am interested in knowing if anyone here who would be interested in working with me on these research projects!

Please do let me know.





I’d love to learn more about your interests. Email me when you have a moment. lindsey@happego.app


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Hi Madhwa - I studied Psychology and worked in the tech industry for about 15 years, and am now turning back towards psych & social good as I’m developing a tech social enterprise. I would love to chat more about your work to see how I can help support & learn from your efforts. Reach me directly at elewis.mobile@gmail.com


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I should’ve added that I have experience in designing & analyzing online research programs.

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Hey Madhwa, I am a “retired” social media marketer. I worked in that field for 7 or 8 years in the corporate & freelance world before spinning off that part of my business. Too hard to be critical of social media when you work in it daily!

If I can lend my expertise in any way, please let me know (my email is alexa@alexarohn.com). I have a bachelors in Neurobiology so I’m well versed in experimental design and have spent many years navigating the ins & outs of these platforms for work.

For clarity on my end, is this EEP some of the stuff that relates to Victor Frankl’s work?

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Hi Madwha,
I am a philosophy/behavioral science student in Boulder, Colorado. Shoot me an email and I’d love to chat more about your project: kgdinneen@gmail.com


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lol that’s my way of saying how did I not know this?!

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I know, I’m never sure if that will answer questions or raises them. My work history is a funny adventure, graduated uni in 2009 to a crap economy sooo, why not pursue entertainment and then marketing haha

Human beings have studied all the stuff in the universe but not understood human beings themselves till the starting of the 21st century.
We have now the human being as coexistence of the life atom/soul and the most advanced physical body with a neural system capable of understanding.
I write about the same and you can find some useful information for your research on

Anand Damani.

Hi Alexa,

Sorry for the late reply. Yes, you are right some of EEP is inspired by Frankl’s work. I am particularly interested in how social media platforms (and even human-robot interactions broadly) can have consequences for human beings at the existential psychological levels. There has been very less research that has been done exploring this issue. I am currently trying to find a summer internship but I recently accepted a PhD position and as a PhD student, I plan to spend some time exploring this issue. If you are still interested I will make sure to contact you then.

Hi Elewis,

Thank you for your reply. Just sent you an email.

I’m keen! I’ve always found psych intriguing and I did a couple of undergrad pysch papers (many years ago now). I’m mainly an ethical tech activist and researcher. Here’s a conference paper I wrote about 10 years ago called ‘Free to Know or Free to Own’:

In the last few years I’ve been focusing a lot on the potential and pitfalls of federated social networks. Including giving some thought to what makes them socially similar to centralized (usually corporate-owned) social networks, as well as what makes them different.

Donna Haraway’s work on cyborg theory could be relevant here?

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Hi @strypey, I’m delighted to welcome you to our community. I’ve been reading many of your toots on the Fediverse with my @humanetech Mastodon account with great pleasure. The federated universe stems me hopeful that we can bring about positive change, not only in humantech areas, but all across the board.

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