Litquest- A social reading platform


This is my first post, please be kind. I am interested in making a social network, not like goodreads, but seeing if reading literature and connecting writers would be of interest towards leading folks towards conversation, more intentional interactions.

The standard on social media sites is have the users MAKE the content on facebook and instagram, which is good in some cases. But I am wondering what would in be like to have an interactive app, website, email supports, and even collaboration with local libraries on getting folks reading more — by interacting and sharing their thoughts and experiences of digesting content.

Right now on social media, the way of making friends, is to get attention by posting a photo of something of interest to a certain circle but I am curious what steps could be taken to get folks reading more. ‘Just Read’ , a chrome extension is one of the small steps that would shed some light on the idea — Here’s a link

I have many ideas how this would work and have an idea of how react,angular,drupal, and NLP, could manage such a idea but I first wanted to gauge interest before giving more details.

Are folks on here interested in such a service ?
Are there any programmers on here that would be interested collaborating with me on a reading platform as described above ?

Thanks for the consideration!

Thanks for suggesting this. I would be interested in joining a group that focuses on books related to technology. Ones I’ve read include Nicholas Carr’s The Shallows, Sherry Turkle’s Alone Together, and Bruce Schneier’s Data and Goliath.

I hope programmers and others respond to your message.