Kid’s app standards- Google inspired

Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood set standards for kids apps- bottom line they shouldn’t be luring kids to buy things or datamining.

This brings to mind- why is Google classroom taking over American education? And why doesn’t Edtech in schools teach kids about data mining? Exploiting kids and education fir profit has become mainstream.

Please pass the word… CCFC is making strides in our government- they are credible.

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As a parent and a computer science teacher, thank you.

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@leifsegen you might find the CCFC website informative, they have a email newsfeed that isn’t too much. I know “Commercial free” may sound a little too granola- but they actually make total sense. They think organically in a balanced way to support child development- and realize there is only one time to develop certain milestones in a person’s lifetime and that is childhood.