Join the debate: Is Facebook's business model doomed?


Some more articles on how Facebook is having trouble with their business model…

This article (mentioned on HN in Delay, Deny and Deflect: How Facebook’s Leaders Fought Through Crisis is from September, but hints at significant loss of users in The West:

And all the negative news and scandals had their effects on the moral of FB employees:

Wall-Street Journal - Facebook Morale Takes a Tumble Along With Stock Price

And the Hacker News discussion:


unless someone comes up with an alternative that everyone you know can get excited about, there will be no mass migration.

I’m not entirely sure that’s true. We may see a sagging, deflating of FB over time, lessening of social media throttleholds in general, and a fragmentation of available attention. People are getting sick of social media. They may not want to replace Facebook at all; they may want to reclaim their attention and their minds altogether.

This is beginning, with educated, well-off, and/or tech-savvy people leaving FB. It’ll likely trickle on down through the socioeconomic ranks. Right now, the biggest increase in smartphone market penetration here in the US is among lower-income users.


Here is an article from CNN that seems to imply Facebook has not much to worry about the fraction of users who give up on the app.