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Logic Magazine has started a new initiative:

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Logic School

At Logic Magazine, we’ve seen the growing momentum around demanding change in the tech industry.

Our curriculum draws from the worlds of activism, design, and software engineering. Our program cultivates critical thinking about technology and its impact.

Logic School has a grassroots theory of change. We believe the people who make the tech industry run—its workers—have the power to transform it.

Who is Logic School for?

We welcome all tech workers — whether you’re a project manager, warehouse worker, software engineer, or ride share driver. Applicants must not be full time K-12 or university students.

What will I do in Logic School?

Logic School’s theme of creative protest will allow us to cover issues of justice in tech through a multitude of approaches — whether it’s organizing in the workplace, contributing to an existing data visualization project or worker-owned platform, or building a new platform to nurture creative activism.

Here are the Program Details.

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