Italy Chapter/ Meetups/ Assisi Digital Detox

Hi eveyone,

With great gratitude I am writing to you from Italy and I am really happy to be part of this group.
I introduce myself briefly: I am Alessio Carciofi and I have been working with Digital Detox since 2013. I have written two books on the topic (both in Italian but I’m going to translate them in English asap).
After a personal experience I decided that this “attitude” had to become my new job and so it is.
I work with Italian companies to “bring back” the importance of focus as soft skills, in the age of distractions.
That’s why I created the first and only Italian research, consulting and training company specialized in working on correct habits. Through the Digital Felix method, we enable management to increase productivity by reducing digital distractions.

Why do I write to you?
Because I’m also the artistic director of a festival dedicated to the Digital Detox (the first in Europe, I assume) called ASISSI DIGITAL DETOX. It will be held in ASSISI from the 22nd to 24th of June 2018.
The location was chosen specifically to launch an important message about what we are experiencing.
It will be a weekend where leaders connect and are inspired by digital innovation. A movement of conscious, sustainable and useful thinking to evolve.

I like to define the mission of Assisi Digital Detox with this phrase “to transfer people the right habits at the right time, to live a healthy and inspired life”

There will be a:
SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM: through the creation of panels, workshops. Maximum duration of 50 minutes.
ACTIVE/WELLNESS PROGRAM: Experiential workshops with the best trainers and certified professionals on the runner, yoga and mindfulness.
SOCIAL PROGRAM: Presentation of books, meeting with writers | authors and speakers.

I’m working on the program these days and I would be really grateful to create a "bridge / partnership / collaboration with you (founders of HumaneTech) but above all to say that in Italy too you have a solid basis for spreading the message.

The event will be launched in mid-April.

I would be really grateful to be able to put your contribution into the program and to realize an all-Italian meetup in a very important city in terms of archetypes such as ASSISI.

What do you think?

Thanks again