Is the anonymity on the Internet good or bad?

Is the anonymity on the Internet good or bad?
why we mostly not anonymous in real life.

You are mostely anonymous in real life

Not most of the time.
Without identity there is no punishment.
What’s the punishment now for people on interne?! there is no real punishment.
The number one punishment is “they” just going to delete “your” username .
Wow what the big punishment, “you” just going to need to create another user and another virtual identity.
Yes this is a really “big” punishments :slight_smile:

Hi @geo! If you have a good reputation system in place, and proper moderation, then trolls do not have a good chance to do real harm.

For instance on Hacker News (which looks deceptively simple, but has a complex reputation system), if you are trolling, attack someone directly, or are grossly off-topic, your post is downvoted/flagged very fast.
Similar story on StackOverflow/StackExchange et al whose sites are almost entirely managed by their users. Besides a reputation system they use gamification as a powerful tool to steer behaviour (in good ways).

The punishment is loss of trust, priveleges and benefits that were previously build up by behaving according to the guidelines of the app.

ps. on both HN and SO you are pseudonymous

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All of This Will Only Work if you like completely trust Facebook, Google Twitter and others.
They don’t think how to make your life better, they think how to make money. Trolls are bad for “you” for them throlls are good, it’s traffic.
. What if one of the days, the new “Trump” will become head one of those company.
If you compare it to real life, it’s just like you having a private justice department. It’s like Justice in the country are in the hads of some oligarch

Yes, they should have the incentive to install the reputation system, which they currently don’t have. But then you wouldn’t have to trust them… the system is trustless and you ‘build’ trust by interacting with others in proper ways.
In real life you stay well away from bullies and don’t befriend them (ideally, of course, bc there is much more social complexity at play).

(ps. I don’t think trump would be all that powerful on stackoverflow if he’d behave like on twitter)

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But why people control justice department in real life, but on internet, oligarch are controlling Justice.
The internet companies they’re not our friends.
They have shareholders they need to make money a lot of money.
Check the news, how many timesbig companies f…k small people.
House for example shares of General Electric so much down in past month. Because they lie to the people that lie to their shareholders. They told them everything is good.
I don’t understand why a lot of people assumes that heads of internet company are better or different than heads of regular companies. WorldCom, Enron, Lehman Brothers, I’m pretty sure the next name is this list is going to be some internet company.

Are you really think that reputation system, going to fix everything

No, not at all… A good reputation system is just one of the tools. Regarding monopolisation and big tech only going for shareholder value… you can fight that with decentralization, like I described in another thread on this forum :slight_smile:

Note, btw, that there are also really, really bad uses of reputation systems, as we can witness in the social credit social media experiments in China, where the reputation system is connected to pervasive surveillance systems! These are truly dystopian :frowning:

(created with help of Big Tech)

Because the most important part not how good tools are, but who controls those tools.

Can you explain me, why Facebook as company cost so much. What’s their product?
Because if you compare the Facebook to like a real company, I mean not internet business.
Basically what they do, they rent chairs and tables to people to sit and talk.
Why company who just rent me a space, cost so much and get money from “my” content that I write and published.
Why can’t we have social networks, real social.
Because people creating product on social network in people buy the product on social network.
Why we need middle men(Facebook shareholders).