Digital imprint- reputation score

Has anyone heard of a reputation score? Sounds like a credit score but only it measures your social media use and other things…

Yes. Like Klout use to be?

Easy to game (if you put in the effort) and doesn’t measure real reputation (related to quality and authenticity of content) or influence (related to quality of relationships) in my view.

Although many people attach real value to it…

I would be very careful in using these kinds of services (no matter on what end of the interface you sit). These tools are out to improve the data quality of your profile, connecting more of the dots.

It may be that they are easy to game, but you cannot be sure if you are actually gaming them. Maybe you are gaming the score, but the score itself is not the purpose of why these services exist. Or in future you gaming the score can be easily detected, and your ‘trusworthiness’ score declines as a result.

I agree with @aschrijver. I should have been more clear, I was posting this as a warning to people that data is being gathered about us and people are making snap judgements that could affect our ability to be gainfully employed if not careful.

1 Like, which I mistakenly joined, produces a reputation score. Not only for you but also for your neighbors, turning you into a snoop who follows other people’s rise and fall.

Beware of, which is exploitative and uses all kinds of gimmicks to lure you and keep you.


Can we create a ‘red flag’ list for these kind of ‘services’ somewhere?

For instance, I’m pretty sure very few people have actually read the t&c’s of speedtest service Ookla, and think that this service is helping them test their network speeds while it in fact it is collecting detailed data on your network use!


@Mndctrl, yes, that is a good idea. We’ve talked more about setting such things up, like in Idea - Humane Technology Logo Program (a naming + shaming section).

As part of the forum reorganisation we should collect all of the ideas that have been posed since the forum was created and collect them in one issue list (we have the community building repository for that).


@patm mylife makes profiles on everyone I think. I was routed to my “partial profile” they started somehow but I know I didn’t signup.

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