Is technology changing us? Is it a hardware or a software problem?

I’m quite sure you might know @Garyvee. Well, see shared this the other day. What are your thoughts?

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For me, he is not addressing the real problem which is the SOFTWARE, the apps, the content and the way these are designed. The hardware is not relevant. It doesn’t matter (or at least not as much) if we use paper, plastic or anything.

Thoughts? Is a Hardware, Software or both PROBLEM?

In my opinion both. They are connected without the hardware, the software we were using today were not possible and such thing as hardware and software maturity .The real issue really is how we use it that’s where the problem lies.(hardware design,content creator(apps) and the user). For comparison think about tv and content. The choice is up to us.

There are things I like about Gary. He often says good, vulnerable, real things and reminds people to operate from the heart and that you can do well by doing good.

There are other things I think are lazy about Gary. Like how quickly he follows confirmation bias to shout atop the “innovate or die” mantle when it comes to things like, say, Toys R Us’s bankruptcy while making absolutely zero mention of the role of private equity in the cratering of many a retail chain.

As for hardware or software, both are part of the problem because they are entangled … though I have to fault more of the software. It’s a closer expression to the manipulative abuse that we experience. Yuval Noah Harari rightly has no qualms about our misplaced fears about television, radio, cave writing … but this is different. A medium that knows us better than we allow us to know ourselves is a recipe for zombifying a lot of people to your own will.


Garyvee is Trumpian. He’ll say anything that he needs to say in order to promote himself.

I used to think that this kind of profoundly narcissistic behavior was pure evil. But, these days, I have realized that it’s a lot easier to just tune out the noise than to get all hot and bothered about it.

Some of us have real work to do. I’m being literal when I say that. Some of us are building the future, mostly with our head down. Gary Vee is never thinking about the future because he’s always thinking about how to win in the present. And, to be fair, he’s doing a damn good job at that!

At a really high level, I’m talking about the difference between talking the talk and walking the walk. Gary is talk talk talk talk talk. That’s fine - for him and for his audience. But some of us don’t have time for those kind of distractions.

This is hogswash, researchers have been showing since the early 2000s and before that the web & tech are impacting our brain structure…sure (in the case of gamers especially) visual acuity is going up and that could be seen as a benefit, but its coming at the expense of our ability to sustain long, focused attention. There was a book that came out in 2011, The Shallows by Nicholas Carr that went into the actual neurological changes they’re seeing.

Escaping in a book or paper is very different from the constant slot machine interactions of a phone or internet connection. Not buying it Gary Vee…I find his rhetoric to be pretty toxic in a lot of ways. The 'always on hustle" mentality when he himself has an army of interns to help him be always on. Friends who have worked at his agency did not report back healthy things…

I get that cultures always demonize new media, but in this case the heralds may not be far off.


:woozy_face: Yeah never been a big fan of GV, he’s a successful Maverick and I agree with @loundy’s assessment of him. It’s not that we’re demoniz(s)ing the NEW thing, in fact it’s not that NEW anyway. Big Tech are demonising us as users, I don’t blame them though, greed takes over and the opportunity to make money :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag: is what drives all of us to do things that we will not even consider as moral or right for society. We’re driven by either the need of being loved by others, in the case of Big Tech, it’s the shareholders, or the need for huge amounts of money so we can feel significant in the world. If you have shed loads of money it gives you an immense feeling of entitlement and power over the human race. This has been shown to be true throughout history. It will never change and we will never be able to change it. It’s the human condition. All of us are guilty of it, even in a small way. GV is just someone who is more explicit in his needs. We can try and change things, we can even resort to explicit tactics, like Humane Tech is trying to do. Sorry to say, but it won’t succeed. The drive for greed is too great, it will very unlikely be stopped ever. Sorry to be a doomsayer - even the amount posted inside this forum has gradually slowed down bit by bit, which proves that it is exhausting to fight against a tide of an overwhelming need for wealth. Success all. :woozy_face:

I don’t agree with @stayingaliveuk that we cannot change the status quo. Regulation of the tech industry is the way forward and its happening in Europe and in much smaller scale in the US. The tech backlash is strong worldwide. Many countries are carving their own tech policies for their own good.

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It’s all about outcomes. What’s the outcome of people reading the paper from 60 yrs ago vs. a digital device today?

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@richard1 thanks for your optimism. Governments may well be pointing a small spotlight in to the Big Tech Abyss, but it will just be a small spotlight. Why are conversations taking place behind closed doors? If countries can’t clean up tax evasion by many global corporates, including Big Tech, it’s unlikely they will be able to clean up Big Tech. After all they are indispensable to Governments around the world. They need the data themselves and will make sure they can still get access to as much of it as possible. Big Tech are doing them massive favours, least the amount of money they donate to political parties. Jeff Bezos just donated $10 billion to climate change, they’re not going to go after him anytime soon now. It’s about data and money, this is where the power lies. I hope I’m wrong. :woozy_face:

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Yes the power of data and money @stayingaliveuk. But can we let digital media continue to undermine trust in institution, goverment and leaders. That is democracy itself. The task ahead is almost impossible formulating a global system regulating tech and much less realize it. What is possibly coming is regulation by region.Technology empowers the already powerful and diminish the govern., easily weaponized causing polarization and creates ill-informed public caused by the collapse of journalism. The lack of sensible governance and accountability of the tech industry are the real issues here. Something must be done.

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