Is Disney movie "Ralph Breaks the Internet" brainwashing kids?

Anyone seen Ralph Breaks the Internet yet? I had high hopes given the name. Turns out it was a love song /giant advertisement for Amazon, EBay , Facebook , Snapchat, YouTube etc. Great for brainwashing the kids early.

I haven’t seen it, but it is getting rave reviews on imdb and rotten tomatoes, and no criticism on Wikipedia too.

The NYT article has some text suggesting a deeper message:

Here are some excerpts:

“Ralph Breaks the Internet” might look like just another adorable, funny animated family film, but it also connects to our current reality in ways that are downright bone-chilling. […]

This sequel […] sends its protagonists out into the broader internet, where they discover all the pandering, cruelty, addictive behavior and viral shamelessness that we’ve come to associate with online culture. […]

But soon enough, they lose their bearings amid the labyrinthine cacophony of the internet, which is depicted by the directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnston as an impossibly busy, multilayered cityscape of brands, emojis and careening message bubbles. […]

And somewhere amid the film’s ornate imagery and deliriously irreverent humor, we might begin to realize that we’re watching a terrifying, incisive satire about the ways that a life lived online makes monsters of us all.

I guess, given your reaction, that the movie left you with a different impression.

BTW the message as described in the quoted text may be a great topic for an Awareness Program campaign.


Thanks for this. Based on the excerpts, I went to see the movie and found it wonderful–as good as the first Wreck-It Ralph movie, of which I’m a big fan.

The praise and high ratings are deserved, in my opinion. The film takes the computer concept of security and weds it to the human weakness of insecurity, showing us how our desire to get something–anything, everything, that one thing that will make our world right–leads us into corners of the internet we didn’t expect to be.

It’s our own needs and desires that drive us forward, deeper, even into the dark web.

I would add that the film, like its predecessor, has much wit, humor, and tenderness, making me alternately laugh hard and cry.

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I watched it with kids and they did not see it as the NYT does.
I always have a problem with the “meta” folks…
This rape scene of actors with the bodies of models is fine because it’s actually a comment on rape scenes
This racist movie is actually meant to show Us how racist we all are
This comedy about a girl wearing a fat suit … well, you get the point …

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