irresponsible response from facebook for its issue

hello every body recently i have found an issue using which many accounts could be in risk of take over facebook account.
the verification code has no value for that process by which any body can easily takeover many accounts. when i found the issue i sent it to facebook bug report.
i did an example with my dad’s account and sent over the screenshots as well showing how an account can be easily hacked or can be taken over.
but facebook says it can do nothing for these insecurities. i was amazed by those irresponsible answers.
i have that idea of easy account takeover to certain type of accounts.
what can we do to make the corrections?can any body put the light on this topic? thank you.


Probably the biggest security threat is Facebook itself.


If they are not willing to do anything due to them being labelled as features then the best process will be to report it to one of the media organisations which focus on cyber security and get them to do more investigation. Sometimes external validation and social proof can be used to raise the level of focus.

You could also see if they run a bugbounty program first of all and then submit it that way, That can go via the correct channels for better focus.

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The last year I was on facebook I reported a page for terror incitement and racism that was the plo government fb page and had a big smiling gas pedal and he was saying in arabic the accelerator is your weapon run over the Jews and the infidels and your family gets paid and you go to paradise.

And facebook said it does not violate their community standards. And so I report the next day and facebook banned my account 60 days known to free speech offenders as facebook jail.

After facebook jail i wanted to delete my account and only option in their portal was de-authorize. You’re welcome for the data mining, thank you for selling without my consent and being breached over and over and not caring.

Awful company should fail but too many drones out their feeding it.

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ya went through the bug bounty process but they didn’t respond with responsible answer…