IG responds to infinite feed and gifts the world with IGTV?

IG responds to infinite feed by introducing a check mark and an accomplishment message? Thanks! glad that’s off my to do list and I am “All Caught Up” written in initial cap, traditional news outlet style. Very pro!
I could write a few paragraphs about why that checkmark should be anything other than green, but I am too distracted by the recent most exciting IG feature to date: InfiniTeeVee. Yes, I made that up and I am full of sarcasm.

There is now the pleasure of watching IGTV. Goodbye one minute videos. Hello one hour videos. I think the next step in this pattern is the creation of “IGTV series” of… whatever keeps me binge watching. Does this mean I can delete YouTube app from my phone? Surely IG would love that.

So, many of us can see where this is going. Its not a new place. TV took us there, YouTube took over and Neflix took us further, and now we have IGTV.

So where does all this attention hijack stop? The answer is as old as the hills. It stops where you say it stops. No force, no pressure, train self to become aware of content AND context. How? No one can tell you. The discovery of a process for seeing what occupies attention is the movement of attention. Find out what works. Play and experiment.