Humor - Trolls Check In Here!

If you came here primarily to troll this hard-working community, post mostly angry rants, 90% darkness, grind those axes, and offer very little constructive help or work:
Please check in here and post a little “hi” and introduce yourself.
Where are from?
What’s your favorite website to troll lately?


From the mission statement: “We Are a Solution-Focused Team Who Engage Our Challenges With Optimism.”

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In our time, the concept of trolling gets any dissent from the administrators of sites.
If you call my opinion that is different from yours and my criticisms trolling, Then yes I’m a troll!!!

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Some say not to feed the trolls…

Others say overfeed them til they pop!

I think we should find a better word to use for disruptive types. I’ve found that often the word troll can be easily misused against someone in a social group to lessen their participation or voice.

“Trolls” means two different things to two different groups too. Borat, Stephan Colbert are the classic “troll” as entertainer, even cultural hero.

Online trolling culture originally had a funny angle, for example here is a perfect case study of a classic troll technique.

Anybody remember POLITE_ALL_CAPS_GUY on Reddit? The worlds most loved troll.

And then there is the dark triad personality troll, the troll who is not seeking to entertain but to disrupt, cause division, spread confusion and misunderstanding, to intimidate or bully. If those are here, I say please, come join my case study - confronting and breaking up troll farms (disruptive agents) and their influence on online consensus building is a very keen study of mine, and I want to learn from you!

Also, this is also a timely problem, online trolling in the disruptive sense, online harassment, online targeting is a very serious problem on the web with no solutions on the horizon.

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