Best practice on Avoiding Trolls (and don't become one yourself)

There is a lot of trolling going on these days in online conversations. Oftentimes it can be hard to identify a troll, and even harder to deal with them correctly. It is also possible that - maybe unwittingly - you become a troll yourself. Most important thing is to realize the following when engaging online: A conversation is not a contest!

I just found a superb digital literacy guide on how to Avoid Trolls. The guide exists at

I encourage anyone to contribute your improvements there and give a star to the repository.

Avoiding Trolls

Trolls, in the context of online personas, are people who engage in conversations seeking to destroy or suppress an opposing point of view or harass people. These personalities are often corrosive and divisive. Any attempt to engage a troll feeds the attention they seek even if the resulting conversation displays their foolishness. They cannot be defeated, but they can be ignored. Any attempt to challenge a troll validates their behavior and enables additional toxic behaviors.

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