#HumanHour August 31, 2018

My name is Penny Locaso and I’m a happiness hacker focused on humanising the future of work based in Australia. To learn a little more about me and what I do take a look at bkindred.com

I wanted to reach out to share with you a growing global movement I created called #HumanHour It’s basically earth hour for humans. On August 31 we are asking businesses, communities, schools and individuals to switch off the tech in order to switch back on humanly. I wanted to share this movement with like minds as I believe it is a great opportunity for this community to have human conversations around the future you wish to be a part of.

Why #HumanHour?

We have never been more technologically connected, yet humanly disconnected. The erosion of human connection has been driven by the way we unconsciously engage with technology. What’s disturbing about this growing trend is that we are diminishing the uniquely human skills that enable us to thrive in an unprecedented and uncertain era - think resilience, problem-solving, the ability to have difficult conversations, presence, focus, and overall wellbeing.

We have created humanhour.co to provide individuals and organiations with all the details, social media assets, ideas and tools to activate on the day.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Great topic!!

This encourages those chance conversations- making friends with a stranger. Or helping someone through their day. Humanity is all about being together- talking to whomever is next to us. We were made to help each other and experience life together. This is simply never achieved through a smart phone.

The subtle social feedback by hearing a snicker of a laugh or dead silence after sharing something. This is the fabric of our being.

There is no space in tech for sophisticated subtleties that deeply connect us. Having many phone free connected moments like this per day is so healthy. So I hope to see more of this thx for posting!!