Humane Tech Books: A Reading List

I’ve put together a humane tech reading list on my website: some I’ve reviewed, others I’ve only read, and more that I want to read soon…

Some of the authors are advisors to Center for Humane Technology or were featured in The Social Dilemma, or both. Others are not but seem relevant, even if they don’t use the term “humane tech”.

Hoping this list helps people to learn about the harms of technology and possible humane tech solutions! I’d love to hear if you have book recommendations which didn’t make it onto the list.


Hey Justin, nice post. Have you also almost read all of them? My personal favorite is Tim Wu.

If you find distracting tech interesting, what do you think about this: Prototype ?

Does it attend to your curiosity? Would love to know!

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Nice. I would love to see some push in such lists reminding people to consider getting books from their local public libraries and also in some cases. The best reason to buy your own copy is mostly if you like writing notes as you go.

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@Felixxx I’ve not read them all yet, but gradually making my way through these. Prototype looks interesting - I’ve gratitude journaled before and I like it, usually on paper but I would at least try using an app. Are you releasing it soon?

@wolftune yes very good point, in fact I read some of these using library copies myself! So I’ve added a remember to the page as you suggested.