How to tackle the data protection challenge on global scale

Across the globe, we find no less than 80 different laws to protect privacy. Some of those are stronger than others: e.g. Australia vs. Europe GDPR. I just wonder if it would be possible to define a wider charta on what to accept from a wider (global) community of users and that way take influence towards legislation. Does anyone here have broader experience in applying data protection in transnational context?


Hi @mastalan! Good question, and a proper issue to look more closely into, in this community. I don’t know about other members having this particular experience, and invite anyone who has to add their response. But we have some ideas to start community projects for evaluating how Human Rights apply to the Digital Realm (i.e. Digital Rights projects). We are still only brainstorming, but we want to use the high-level viewpoint of Human Rights as a ‘marketing tool’ for advocacy efforts for more specific law and regulations that are currently missing or lacking.

See the original thread: Digi Rights: Applying fundamental Human Rights to the Digital Realm which will be redefined as an Awareness Program Campaign Theme, and Declaration of Privacy which may be the first Campaign within the theme.

Regarding GDPR we have these ongoing discussions that may be interesting (there are more):

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