How I reduced my social media addiction without going cold turkey


Since i work in social media going cold turkey is not an option, I wrote this blog post on how i reduced my social media addiction and would love to get feedback on the blog post from this community and see how i can use this post to help other people.



@mozohny what an insightful post- so real and honest. I’m not sure of your age but if you grew up with technology, and don’t know a world without it, it can be challenging to know another normal.

Your blog post hits a holistic group of areas, but may be missing something bigger. To me the first thought I had is trying to be with people while enjoying the views of Geneva. We are social animals and of course you are looking for feedback on what you posted- we are social animals.

One of the most important ways to wean down social media is to hang out with people- but they can’t be in their phones either. Or at least suggest an agreement to not be on phones while together. If one wants to be truly alone though- I would place the phone in the glovebox of a car or locker or something if possible.

If there is nobody to hang out without phones due to generational culture- I would experiment hanging out with an older person/persons. People who didn’t grow up with phones are not as apt to pull out a phone- or will be more likely to have given up social media to revert to a more personal way of sharing life.

Anyways- thanks for posting, your insights inspire an important thought provoking process about how we relate to each other.