How can we make this forum more interesting, lively and easy to join in? Any ideas are welcome.

In my modest opinion we need to inject some life to this forum find ways for everyone to easy to join in .I mean if you notice last year during the initial creation of this forum the vibrance, the energy were amazing. We need some lively and spirited conversation without sacrificing civility, fact based information. I think some more personal experience stories on how tech affects people lives are good to the forum. It reveals real people behind the issue. I’m sure people here have a lot to share regarding this topic. Interesting ideas are welcome.


I completely agree with you, @richard1. We already have some ideas that go in the same direction:


@micheleminno, @sidnya, and I are hosting a Mozilla sprint event on the 25th. We invite you, @richard1, and all interested members to join us for an informal chat about HTC. This will be a group event, probably hosted by Zoom, in which we share information about the forum and tell stories about our journey to HTC.

And please invite your friends :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: The main purpose of the event is to encourage people to join the forum.

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See here.

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This is just my observation oftentimes the reply to post were and are too long coming. This I think contributes why contributors or more contributors are not keen on posting their views, perspective etc. on this forum. This is like a sign of inactivity. Can we find ways to get answer to this. And valueing all contributors for their best effort, time etc is also important regardless of all kind of backgrounds and experiences.


Oh, the irony.

To be honest, I avoid the addictive post-read-post cycle as much as possible. And that includes any forum threads here. Any good ideas that could come out in a week aren’t made better if they are forced out within 15 minutes with expectations of faster dialog. TBH, this is a lot of the cycle I am purposely trying to damp down.

I’d hate for the focus to go on strategies and tactics for the betterment of our own electronically-induced mental health to side forums to discuss the latest movies and streaming TV shows, as afflicts all gamified online communities.

Slow Forums. I’m all for that, however.


Move slowly and fix things: a radical idea worth trying.

Also “Slow news” would be a great solution to many problems that we have today.

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