Google docs- are they secure and/or privacy-respecting?


They use it bc its more streamlined,easy to scale, and most importatly: its FREE. Coolness is also a factor. If schools in America dont have the newest gadget they feel excluded and behind the curb. (Working on my day off again today haha. This is something that makes me realky irritated. Will write longer post abt this at some point)

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Google assures users that unless they publish a file, search engines won’t be able to find the information contained within those files. Google doesn’t allow search engine spiders – the applications that crawl through the Internet looking for keywords as a way of building search results – to access the data within Google Docs.

Because Google Docs allows multiple editors to work from the same master document, there are special synchronization issues Google must deal with. Google Docs handles online edits in real time, and editors can see changes as other collaborators make them. But with offline editing capabilities, this gets a little trickier.

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