Gamification for Good

In several threads I found examples that have elements of gamification in it. Gamification (known by most in the form of Points, Badges and Leaderbords, but actually constituting much more) can be one of the more powerful tools the Center of Humane Technology has in its arsenal.

This topic is for discussion on all things Gamification, providing pointers to methods, how to apply it well, and proper examples of its implementation…

Gamification is a tool that can both be used for Good (e.g. StackOverflow, creating a high-quality IT Q&A site) and for Bad (e.g. getting people hooked to your ad-based social network). The best known example of a gamified app in recent years (offering both positive and negative side-effects) has undoubtedly been Pokemon Go:

From the article: “…Pokemon Go provides a ready example of motivating people to exercise more. In their case, they have gamified walking.

Most of the power of gamification lies in its effectiveness to change people’s behavior. If you want to know all about it, I can heartily recommend you follow the Coursera course on Gamification taught by Associate Professor Legal Studies & Business Ethics, Kevin Werbach - an expert in the field (can follow course for free, or pay a small amount of $$ and earn a certificate):