Forbes' extremely wack Top 100 Innovative Leaders list has 1 female

Wait… Just 1 woman on this list of 100 most innovative leaders? You’ve got this wrong Forbes.

It looks like just a shallow dig shows the methodology is shady and quadruples down on perception based measurements, the data set is bias, and the researchers have a self interest in creating an association between these big companies and the word innovation.

Worst of all the Editor of Forbes (horribly tone deaf) wrote an article addressing why women didn’t make the list and blamed the “pool” of corporate female leaders in America - ok but 1 female?! #pipelineproblem - gross! Then turns bias on it’s head and essentially says, what do you want US to change our metrics and pool to derive an outcome of more female leaders on the list. Ummm not a bad idea considering your metrics are subjective in the first place.

This list measures how well their PR teams can get them in Forbes. The measure is derived from four factors “that we believe represent important qualities of an innovative leader. They are the leader’s (1) media reputation for innovation, (2) social connections/social capital related to innovation, (3) track record of market value creation at the company they lead, and (4) investor expectations of future growth and innovation at their firm, as represented by the company’s innovation premium”

How might we get the message that this is not acceptable content and a bias measurement of an innovative leader?? While I don’t see Forbes as an authority on innovation, this is not acceptable. Would be great to hear from this community on how we turn this into an opportunity for Forbes to look at the bias in their bogus lists.

Letter from Editor to address why one female leader

I’m a dude, asterix you know not my area women innovators, but come on who cares its forbes no print media is relevant to anything anymore, no innovator ever wasted time sitting around reading magazines getting huffy at statistics poll?

Show of hands, any women who have developed or invented or been at the forefront of anything that will be effected by anything forbes says or does in any way negative or positive?

I don’t see how this would be a valid concern to anyone, smearing forbes because their metrics are skewed against women? It’s a poll! The magazine is for old business tycoons and they aren’t going to buy it if the magazine conflicts with the fuzzy warm ego affirming narrative they subsist on.

Basically, having one female innovator and the rest dudes just like the guys who buy that print magazine or any other, assures they have customers one more year. Your version what you want would turn off the lights and shut the doors.

Having only one is so blatantly chauvinism its like they are announcing it. At least be forthright in what you hope to accomplish.

  1. You wag the finger at forbes and manshame them into doing…

  2. Profit!

What’s your end game?

Thanks for pointing this out as Mother Earth is on the ballot in 2020.
I am more interested in the Humane Tech Community 100 Innovative Leaders

First a Question "What is Breakout Innovative Leadership?"
Questions need care, fed and nourished not reactive bias bullsh$t.
Data science can make up all kinds of fake news with no grounded assertions.
SSIR Innovation Breakout 2017 2-yr+ multidisciplinary research discovered that the Standing Rock Movement was a Breakout Globally rated at 18.8 out of 20.
I was engaged with elders and grandmothers are cherished and ultimate decision makers in the 10,000+ year-old oral tradition.
I spent most of yesterday with a Lakota Great Great Grandmother turning 100 in 2020 who’s message heading 5-generations as a mother is like listening to the Human Holy Grail speaking directly to the heart of matter itself calling for peaceful educational practices in Identity and Nation.
Beauty arises in “live speech acts” not this "dead cyber bullsh$t politicizing every domain of conversation in the Western Tradition.

Second, I trust women’s assessments more today than men.
Shoshana Zuboff is my prime submission for the Humane Cyber Community
Professor Mariana Mazzucato, mother with children, Value of Everything

Third, in my own deep dive with Ben Roberts AI “What’s Next” I am creating a conversation regarding adaptation in collective intelligent sovereignty. Any one interested inn participating can contact me.

Who are your top women being ignored in western patriarchal cultural matrix?

Lol omg… nothing political or biased here…