Facebooks monopoly on freespeech

The api to login to every site known, including this one. Is the Facebook API now this with twitters other half. Means you must be a member of said monopolys to even login to give an opinion.

This makes them the bully’s if social media.

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I agree with you, especially since Twitter has announced that they will ban people from Twitter because of what people say in places besides Twitter – even IRL. They have also executed such bans against people whose politics Twitter doesn’t like, so it’s not just talk. FB and YT/google will likely follow suit.

But on the flip side is that so many people still use and believe in the monopolies of social media. To not allow social media logins would mean you don’t get a chance to draw in and convert (so to speak) the average people. It’s a double edged sword.

The worst part of it comes when a site puts logos or any graphics or any page element from any of the big, spying corporations. Unless a user uses means (such as uBlock Origin, a browser extension) to block those spying graphics, their activities are being sold out by the site to the corps.