End of consumer society and beginning of entertainment society

Can we say that “we” are now on the transition from a consumption economy to an entertainment economy?

New type companies

Facebook, Netflix, Google (in many ways), Twitter, Snap and a bunch of others, these are all pets of the new entertainment economy.

Look at when young people are now earning or where they dreaming of earning, this is blogging. Look TV programs in almost all countries, continuous entertainment contests for fans.

The connection with the fact that robot replacement, displaces people from the production of goods, for humanity remains entertainment. It looks like this is the future of the economy. Everybody
on the production of content, comrades!

After all, the society of consumers we have become only because the production of the products necessary for life requires not a very large number of people (due to technology), and the rest must at least work somewhere and produce something. So we produce a lot of different sh…t, and now even that sh…t will be made by robots, 3d printers. What left for us, entertainment economy?