Employee Performance Review System based on Humane Tech Criteria

I found the article below thanks to @Max posting it on LI, which details how Facebook is about to make changes to their performance measurement criteria for their employees:

The article was also mentioned on Twitter by @tristanh listing the key points:

  • Facebook on Tuesday night announced it revamped its performance review system and will now tie employee bonuses to new criteria, such as “making progress on the major social issues facing the internet and our company.”
  • Previously, Facebook employees earned bonus based primarily on how their performance drove user and revenue growth.
  • The new system comes one month after a CNBC report detailed Facebook’s performance review system based on the accounts of more than a dozen former employees.

This is all nice and well, and to be applauded of course. But FB has not earned our trust yet, and this may well be clever marketing and just whitewashing. But the idea is good and… applicable anywhere.

Therefore I created this topic to pose the idea to create an Employee Perfomance Review system (or at least the framework for such a system) that measures performance based on Humane Tech criteria. And to create this as an open-source, public domain project.


It’s a step in the right direction. You cannot say you’re in support of improving the social impacts of your services without incentivizing employees to do so as a value.

That said, I still don’t see how their business model can be made compatible with this effort.

To your point about an Employee Performance Review system based on HT criteria, I am not sure I follow how that would necessarily be relevant in most contexts. Each business and organization must choose the ethical behaviors it wishes to elevate, and to measurable ends it chooses to measure. So a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t work here. And I cannot see multiple organizations signing up to subscribe to the same employee incentivization structures. No more than I can see, say Greenpeace and 350.org, agreeing to employee performance metrics that they share.