Digital Wellbeing Instagram Account

Hey all.

I’ve just started a new Instagram account that posts one thing and one thing only – a reminder to ask yourself if you’re being intentional with your scrolling.

I saw Center of Humane Technology post something on there Twitter a little while ago and I thought it was brilliant so I’m taking the idea to Instagram with a daily post.

If you still can’t remove yourself from the addictive eye candy of Instagram, maybe you’ll want to follow the account. Maybe you won’t.

Here it is:


Bad move, in my humble opinion. Now, I’m not sure what the mission and message is, if you are asking your ‘fan club’ to sign up for more social media (and open tabs) and apps. Scratching my head a little here.

Hi Lisa – sorry if my message was confusing. I don’t understand what you mean by ‘fan club’ so if my response doesn’t address your concerns then please elaborate.

I don’t use Instagram for the same reasons as many in this community don’t use Instagram. However, I know a lot of people love it and enjoy using it but wish they didn’t spend so much time on it. Mind The Scroll is a simple account to follow that will put a reminder in the feed of Instagram users to remind them to look away. It’s a simple solution that I hope will help people curb their social media time as they wish. Sometimes all we need is a little nudge. That’s all.