Child-Computer Interaction paradigm that is a promising solution to promote physical and mental health

Amazing PHD dissertation from Marta Ferraz about humans+tech (focus on children i believe)…

You can get the free download of it here:

In the present work we demonstrate that the current Child-Computer Interaction
paradigm is not potentiating human development to its fullest – it is associated with
several physical and mental health problems and appears not to be maximizing children’s
cognitive performance and cognitive development. In order to potentiate children’s
physical and mental health (including cognitive performance and cognitive development)
we have developed a new approach to human development and evolution.
This approach proposes a particular synergy between the developing human body,
computing machines and natural environments. It emphasizes that children should be
encouraged to interact with challenging physical environments offering multiple possibilities
for sensory stimulation and increasing physical and mental stress to the organism.

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