Can't sign up for the mailing list from Mozilla

Trying to sign up, get the error:

403 Forbidden

b58M5I8F/45I1TJVZ @ Mon, 05 Feb 2018 16:20:01 GMT


I might be facing the same issue. Not sure though …

Hi Zhenya & Blumsday, can you post the URL you’re signing up from?

I can’t reproduce that on any Moz browsers. Try again or from another browser; and if still a problem, please post your OS and Mozilla version #uncategorized

So it might be that it’s happening because I’m on a VPN.

Also, I can’t see any images on the main page, and when I tried using the contact form, it returned the same error message (worked on MS Edge).

Thanks. I just run that from my hosted Gmail/Google for business now. It might have been my issue. I think I succeeded. But I have not gotten a formal email, newsletter yet.