Improving Empathy and Trust at Work

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I recently started working with an incredible tech start up called has created a conversation curator to help businesses and companies build empathy, trust, and emotional intelligence in the workplace. The idea is that if a team trusts each other, the team will be much more effective in the long run.

We are currently reaching out to inspiring communities and businesses who may be interested in implementing this into their work. As we continue to evolve with technology, human relationships will become more and more valuable.

Feel free to comment below or send me an email at if you want to learn more information!

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This looks great. I love the warm, open feel of the site and the humorous tone and good design of the video.

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Yes, I agree @patm and @PatMc. Nice looking page. There are some HT-related things you can further improve on. Some quick feedback:

  • Privacy policy, Terms of use missing
  • Unclear how business is incorporated
  • Revenue model, how do you earn money from it?
  • Page contains 9 third-party trackers

Hey Arnold,

Thanks so much for your input! Much appreciated!

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