Auto-Reply notification for telling you moved away from Whatsapp and Messenger

So Facebook will soon change the Whatsapp privacy policy so the data that is collected can be added to the big pile of Facebook data (you might already be nagged to accept the new policy). There’s lotsa stuff that is collected.

Many people are moving to different messenger apps, like SIGNAL. One problem, once you close your Whatsapp account, is that other people still see you as a contact in Whatsapp. When they send a message it will be ‘black-holed’ and people might wonder what happened to you.

So now there’s an option to set an Auto-Reply message on Whatsapp (and soon on Facebook Messenger too) that you can leave running for a certain period of time, before you finally close your account. For this you can use the following App:

Soon the app will also be available on F-Droid appstore. The developer is on the Fediverse at

And the app is on F-Droid now:

Check the issue tracker at the Github link above, as interesting features are being considered. You can upvote them if you have an account.