Attention: Help Spread Our New Vision and Mission! It'll cost you no time

Dear Community Members,

I realize you are all very busy, and most of you didn’t see time to jump in the fray yet, So I will mention some very easy ways you can help the community and our Campaigners team to grow, that cost you little to no time.

1. We have a new message to share: Mission, Vision, Principles and Philosophy

Spread this message to the world:

Be a Builder ❤ Help Improve Wellbeing, Freedom and Society !

Read this post below on how you can share it!

2. Spread our older ‘future plans’ announcement

The announcement last Sunday presents our mission and future plans and contains a Call to Action. You can share it in your own social media networks, or directly mention it to friends and acquaintances. Maybe you can post it on your company’s intranet, or in Whatsapp groups.

It is literally copy/paste/publish, and you can add this comment above it (or similar):

Worried about negative side-effects or our quickly evolving technology, like social media and smartphone addiction, privacy and fake news? Want to work on providing solutions? To “Re-Align Technology to Humanity’s Best Interests” …

Here’s how you can become a Humane Tech Activist:

Who we are, What we do, And how YOU ❤ can help Humane Technology too!

This is the link to share:

3. Interact with our social media channels

Even if you are not active on social media it would help greatly if you just followed some or all of our channels:

And when you encounter HTC posts on a channel, then:

  • Give them your Like, Share them, and/or Comment on them!
  • Found an interesting forum topic or post? Click the ‘Share’ icon and directly share on your own FB and Twitter

We have to create a network effect, after which it will be much easier to create a following.

4. Interact with the community forum

Seeing activity leads to others being more active too.

  • Create the occasional topic or post when you encounter an interesting topic
  • Share a link to an article or website and surround it with some introductory text
  • Give a Like to new and old contributions of other members that appeal to you

Growth hacking gets easier together

As you can see the above actions are very easy, not time-consuming. I take my periods of idle time here and there to add followers to our channels, and post occasionally, slowly building up our presence. You can do that too …

Thank you :heart:


I posted your link on FB- I haven’t posted in FB in years… thanks for suggesting and making that easy.

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I think a good way to promote our community is commenting on-topic to popular posts that appear in your feed and mention some of the stuff we (are planning to) do. An example: I just commented on LI:

Don’t let social media fool you. There are people with only 5-10 likes who have plenty of friends. People with 100+ likes who are incredibly lonely. Couples who look happy together, yet are miserable as hell. People who don’t post pictures of themselves and their significant other but are in a beautiful loving relationship. People who know each other very well but appear as strangers. People who are up their neck in debt yet live a lavish social media life. Remember, this is not real life. Appearances are just that, appearances…

Science has shown what most of you already know: That limiting social media use decreases feelings of loneliness and depression.

The metrics in social media (Like counts, etc.) all serve the purpose to keep you online for longer, give you a dopamine rush, make you addicted. And… that works.

In our new Awareness Program we’ll start a campaign “Don’t Count On Me” to improve this. We also plan campaigns like “Phone Zombies” to make people aware of their (a)social habits.


You can add a Like to the comment, so it appears highest in the list :wink:


I just followed on most platforms and posted in a couple of my social circles. Thanks for making this so easy! Sorry I have not had more time to dive in.

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Thank you, Andrew! I am in the process of making it easier still, by adding some more channels as icons on top of this forum (next to Github icon).

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Wow, I didn’t even notice that until now. nice work!


Would it be all right for me to create a Friends of HTC group on

Yes, sure @patm. I applaud any such initiative!

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Dear members,

We are spreading a new message to the world and we ask you to help spread it!

It is the message of The Pyramids of Humane Technology that we ask everyone to help build with us:

Be a Builder ❤ Help Improve Wellbeing, Freedom and Society !


As a result we have a new pinned message on Twitter, and we would be very happy if you give it a Like and a Retweet:


And if you are on LinkedIn then either copy and repost, or just give the following a Like and Share:

You can also use the version from our LinkedIn group that has no hashtags in it:

Craft your own message

You can formulate differently and spread to other places. We are so thankful if you do that too :slight_smile:

Warm regards,

The Community Team.