Anti-Competitive Behavior

Anti-competitive practices and complaints against Big Tech.

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Big tech needs real competition.

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We don’t necessarily need a big stick to tame FAGA. A soldering iron wielded by a mom might work.

What happens when amazon completes its domination? There are some clues from its bookstore. @patm I think we really need structural changes with regards to monopoly. Do you think they will really change without competition or think of the welfare of the consumers sacrificing their bottom line without the threat or pressure from competing businesses.

America’s global dominance in technology requires fierce competition at home not coddling of monopolies.

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It’s sad when American companies have to go to EUROPE to redress grievances against other AMERICAN companies

Antitrust enforcement has been one of the main differences in business law between the US and the EU. The US antitrust laws are in some respect more powerful than the EU, enforcement has been more vigorous in the EU in recent times compared to the US.

Tim Wu’s a professor at Columbia Law School and the author of the book The Curse of Bigness, explains his argument of breaking up Facebook.

This anti competitive behavior applies to Internet Service Providers as well. They do whatever they can to enhance their bottom line at the expense of real human beings.

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Big Tech told Congress It has a lot of Competitors. It’s Crushing Them All.