Amsterdam - Preparing for your first TED talk - advanced

Advanced full-day intensive workshop with Dr Anastasia Dedyukhina on preparing for your first TED talk. This is primarily for those of you who are planning to apply and do your TED talk in the next 12-18 months.

Prerequisites: only for those who have taken up speaker’s introduction to doing a TED talk workshop.

Tickets can be found here:

man ted talks were cool about 4 years ago but a lot of bad ones made them loose their luster.

One of the cooleset I ever saw was a scientist who said that nano machines and medicine were going to collide in such a way that humans will start to steer our own physical evolution.

“Man I want to jump up to the roof and back I’m going to get super jumping nanobots in my legs. And an extra robot heart in case its scary and my organic one explodes”

Another cool one I saw was a lady who was a freedom lawyer and rights expert. She cited all these examples of friends of hers in countries like bahrain that commited thought crime and when the police show up to beat them or arrest them they have all the text in a printed log from western spyware firms and photos from drones made by western companies and out of components made by seimens, raetheon, bae systems, all usual suspects, and these western corps make and sell tech to the eastern gulag so they can spy on dissidents and blasphemers and anyone who wants water or food and electricity and says so electronically or in the open.

After saying all this the lady says we are developing it in the west, testing it on the eastern poor, and then the same way the dictators use it on their people, once it’s “perfected” the soul crushing tech used by these dictators will be used on all western citizens by the tycoons who own the tech companies its just a matter of timing.

And since she was a lawyer she said we use the time we have now and the freedoms, though fastly slipping away, to what she called “double down” on the bill of rights and human rights as much as we can as often as we can and not stop.

You know if everyone has a camera out the police cannot shoot everyone in the world and get away with it that sort of thing.

Idk ted talks used to be about real things by experts that I would pay to listen to and now they are sort of like a timeshare pitch like oh man i gotta get outta here, audience at ted center not even full haha.