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Hi Pat,

Your concerns all seem very reasonable.

I’m hoping that the silence you speak of is a result of that lack of direction, and once there is more clear purpose for what we’re working to accomplish here in the community it will serve as more of and more deeply of a resource/way to contribute for more people.

I’m just getting back from meeting with the team in SF and this is absolutely one of the roadmap items being working on fixed. Everybody on the team shares your frustration

that there are so many people who want to help but a lack of a clear way to do so.

All the best,



Hi @Max,

Thank you for your response! I am very glad to hear this is being addressed. Just yesterday I sent another mail to Tristan, Samuel and Randima along similar lines.

While the burden of work on the core team remains high, even the smallest interaction - a dribble of information on what they are working on - with the community would already be a great help. Maybe just a topic with press releases, as I proposed. Enough to show things are happening…

Many ways to follow-up are obvious - e.g. I could easily spin up an ideation space on Github and we work from there to update the TWS wiki, forum organization/improvement, etc. - but too much risk of this being a waste of time if CHT team has different plans.




Hi Arnold! @aschrijver

You’re a champion. Sorry this has been so frustrating and slow.

I’m with you that there should be recurring scheduled brief updates from the core team on what’s being worked on. I’m not personally familiar with Github so want to leave that piece to others better suited to respond.

What do you mean by Press Releases? Like a channel of interviews/news about and with CHT? That makes sense to me as one means of keeping people up to date that there are things happening and there are lots of those we could collect from the recent past as well.

Another idea I really liked was to have a community role of keeping the core team up to date. This issue is so hot right now that there’s new news happening all the time, and I could see the community being extremely valuable in creating a daily summary of what happened in the industry. Example: updates to FB/TW/GOOGLE/APPLE/Netflix’s policies, ad platforms and algorithms that are announced publicly, regulations posed/passed etc.

The community working to summarize these daily as well as debate back and forth the significance I could see being hugely helpful so that Tristan + co don’t look silly criticizing policies that are out of date or have already changed.

I’m hesitant to start anything ad hoc though, because I think in general we’ve been so shitty that we should make an announcement to the community acknowledging that, and showing how things are going to be different (and stickin to it!) rather than just adding new things from where we stand

If I were in the community right now I wouldn’t trust us to just jump into something new until then.


Hey Max! Thank you. I got responses from Randy and Samuel too. I understand it is crazy busy, but that the CHT core team has been extended with more people to help out. That is great :slight_smile:

Yes, this was what I meant with that indeed. I’ve been seeing a number of nice articles here and there myself, including in Dutch media. Also there was a meetup where Tristan spoke and people could join. Only we found out about it when it was too late to do so.

Yes, this could also be a great idea, but indeed requires more thinking for it to be effective, and also a continued effort from the community to keep it up to date. I’ll be talking to Samuel soon to discuss further.

Haha, well… current communication already helps a great deal. In a certain sense all the press attention and leaders asking advice is a position of luxury to be in, and means CHT has great potential to flourish and thrive :smile:


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