Algorithm - blackout challenge - cliff jumping - this is dangerous 🙀

It keeps showing up on my home page…

Some time ago popped on my radar:

Attorneys for the SMVLC claimed the company knowingly allowed such content to proliferate on the platform because it increased engagement, user numbers and ultimately profit.

“TikTok prioritized greater corporate profits over the health and safety of its users and, specifically, over the health and safety of vulnerable children TikTok knew or should have known were actively using its social media product,” they said.

Game of numbers. At some point, someone, somewhere will get inspired by jumping off the cliff and damage themselves badly.

I’m in the camp of “free market” but social media algorithms are freaking unregulated opaque monsters that are serving engagement metrics and shareholder profits. It is my genuine view that “free market” should decide and vote with the feet / wallet / judicial power :balance_scale:

An idea in this theme.

As a user I have access to all the data.

I replace default AI with my personal AI. My personal AI serves my own purpose: Aligning incentives of media - personal reality filter?

Law and regulators are lagging behind reality.

FB is a mature platform, everyone is familiar, UI / UX is really well done, across so many hardware choices… Option to export data and start from fresh on a new platform is not going to work, or maybe yes? It all starts from the belief? Twitter and Elon giving us some hope?

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